Kinetix truly believes that people are our greatest assets. We provide our people with challenging and rewarding experiences, as well as the learning and ongoing coaching they need, in order to help them grow and realize their aspirations. We are proud to say that developing a career at Kinetix will grant you with invaluable exposure in different areas of information technology services. When our people achieve their best, we can help our clients achieve their best too.

Why You Should Join Us

Kinetix always deems ourselves as a broad-minded, enthusiastic and innovative IT company that recognizes our people’s accomplishments and talents with different rewards and advancement opportunities. We not only want to become a fast-growing and profit-generating business with big ambitions, but also a compassionate, dynamic and friendly employer that allows ideas to flow in the workplace. We want to drive results and boost numbers, but more importantly we want to establish and enhance our branding and culture, and we want like-minded people who believe in their potential and the possibilities ahead to join us in creating our ideal future.

Staff Benefits

At Kinetix, we offer a competitive and all-rounded remuneration package that covers various aspects of your needs—you will enjoy your time here, learning fruitful skills and technical knowledge, as well as making a difference in the business world by working at the department of your choice under desirable circumstances.

We are providing you with the following benefits:

Medical Scheme (including spouses)

Staff Gathering Sponsorship

Certificate Allowance

Quality Allowance


Besides staff welfare and benefits, Kinetix is always supportive of staff’s growth and development needs as well. We strongly encourage our employees to pursue and obtain higher and professional qualifications that equip them better for challenges in the constantly evolving technological industry. There are a wide range of part-time training courses provided by our business partners, some technical institutes and specialists to fulfill our employees’ needs, which include but are not limited to the following: Seminars, Workshops and Classes

At Kinetix, any attempt or endeavor to learn and to excel is greatly appreciated and highly encouraged. In order to support and show respect to the staff who successfully pass examinations, attain certificates or finish courses, we provide flexible amount of monetary appreciation and financial support. There are mainly two types of such appreciation and subsidy schemes which are listed as follows.

Examination Fee Reimbursement Scheme and Certificate Allowance

full reimbursements will be offered to staff who pass professional qualification examinations

Study Allowance Scheme

financial supports will be provided to all our staff who wish to pursue academic studies or take vocational courses that generate work-related qualifications

What We Are Looking For

If you are …

  • a good communicator and team-player who wants to strive for the best results together
  • always ready for upcoming challenges with a well-prepared and daring mindset
  • positive, enthusiastic, self-motivated and dedicated to their career
  • a person with a mature view towards success and a responsible attitude towards self-improvement

then you are the perfect fit for us!

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